possible additions for libgui

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Sun Jan 5 09:51:31 CET 2003


I have in xfce4 some convenience functions for message dialogs that
might be useful to have in libxfcegui4. I thought about these:

/* wrappers around gtk_message_dialog */
void show_info(const char *text);

void show_warning(const char *text);

void show_error(const char *text);

/* confirmation dialog; has 'cancel' and 'confirm' buttons.
   if 'action' is given this text is used on the confirm button
   together with the stock icon given by 'stock'.
   if 'action' is NULL, the stock text is used as well.
gboolean confirm(const char *text, 
                 const char *stock, 
                 const char *action);

the last dialog uses a function that may be more generally useful for
dialog writers. I use this for the 'Done' and 'Revert' buttons:

/* creates a button with stock icon and text */
GtkWidget *mixed_button_new(const char *stock, const char *text);

another thing that may be useful is execution of commands with a dialog
if there was an error.

void exec_command(char *command);

Does anyone have any objections to me adding these functions to the
library? Or have suggestions to improve them?

If not I will add them later today. Please let me know,


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