missing features in xfce4

Pablo pastulap at poczta.onet.pl
Fri Jan 3 22:29:43 CET 2003

> You can move windows from anywhere inside a window when pressing Alt
> while dragging the window. This also allows you to move a window so you
> can resize it.

Yes, it's a solution, I like it very much. Are there any other tricks or
is it in a documentation?

> > I haven't tried hard enough to find a solution to the next problem but
> > here it goes. It's easy to remove a button from xfce panel (i.e. a
> > clock) by simply using remove button. But I could't find "Add" button.
> > Of course there is a configuration file to do it, but it's not a user
> > friendly way.
> > 
> Right-click on one of the panel handles. If you have suggestions about a
> dialog for panel items, I'd be very interested. I'm still thinking about
> it.

Right click gives me a dialog without Add button. I can change panel
handle from laucher to a clock for example but cannot add another panel
handler. Or maybe I don't have the most recent version.



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