xffm issue

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Fri Feb 28 00:24:42 CET 2003

El jue, 27-02-2003 a las 16:42, Moritz Heiber escribió:
> Hello,
> changing the icon size option for xffm from MEDIUM to TINY just crashed the settings
> manager (without any notice at the console or any other error message). The only way I
> could figure that out was because my environment was falling back to GTK-2 defaults
> (colors, theme etc.). Restarting the manager works just fine .. but I can't change the
> icon size option to anything...

While this is identified and fixed, you can change icon size by editing
the file ~/.xfce4/xffm/xffm.xml by hand. ;-)

> Guess this isn't supposed to happen, isn't it? ;-p
> Bye,
> Moritz
> PS: Addition: Changing ANY option via the xfce-settings-show dialog results in a settings
> manager crash ... :-(

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