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edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Mon Feb 24 14:15:09 CET 2003

El lun, 24-02-2003 a las 03:00, Jasper Huijsmans escribió:
> On 23 Feb 2003 19:31:15 -0600
> edscott wilson garcia <edscott at> wrote:
> [Good stuff about icon themes]
> The xfce icons have a white background, instead of being transparent.

Some icons don't. It doesn't bug me in the least so this detail will  be
fixed over a looooong period of time, unless volunteers step in (fat

> Secondly, in the settings dialog you use option menus for 'View' and
> 'Preferences' (which has to be renamed, because all settings are
> preferences :), 

That's a moot point, if it were to apply. But it doesn't: all
preferences are settings too ;-) 
BTW, 'Preferences' and 'view' are the elements which correspond in xffm.
They use the same source code for definition so changes in one reflect
in the other. So I don't see any changes here.

but you use it as a normal menu with checkbox items.
> This is confusing and certainly not the way that widget was intended to
> be used (a list of mutually exclusive options). If you need that many
> options, they should be in a separate tab on the dialog.

Nope. It should be a menu, just like in xffm (because there will be no
settings dialong in xffm). Otherwise it would be confusing to me and I
prefer that others be confused than me.  The only problem I see in the
dialog is that the item shown when the menu is not expanded is not shown
checked when it is checked. This will be fixed with a addition of either
a checkbox or radio button, when I have the time. The dialog is work in

> Finally, it seems you save options both from xffm and from the mcs
> dialog. This to me doesn't seem right. IMO, settings should be changed
> with the plugin only. At least I think that's the way the settings
> system is suposed to work ...

Maybe for the panel. But not for xffm. In this case the mcs-manager will
be a way to change settings of all open xffm windows, while within xffm
it will only change the current window. When you want to promote the
local xffm setting to all windows, it will tell mcs-manager and save
changes. Yes, I know mcs can save after it is told, but I don't want to
do it that way. Why? Because xffm is meant to be run on both local
machine and remote machines (where the settings xml is not available to
the mcs-manager). 

In fact, if the panel relies only on mcs to save configuration, this is
a *panel* *bug* because then you cannot save configuration for remote
machines. (Yes, I do run multiple panels, although at the moment the
remote machines are still on xfce3).


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