themes in xffm

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Mon Feb 24 02:31:15 CET 2003


  I've just done a major update to xffm. It now has 3 themes: gnome,
xfce and no_icons. The first is the same set of icons xffm has been
using up to now. The xfce theme is a CDE look and is now the default.
The no_icons is precisely that, a theme for xffm with no icons. To
create new themes, it is as easy as creating a directory with the theme
name in /usr/local/share/xffm/pixmaps and editing the "mime.xml" file to
define icons to use. The themes are set by the mcs-manager (or editing
the xffmrc.xml file by hand), not from within xffm. Also, some bugfixes
have been made.

  Caveats: Work in progress. Updates with the mcs-manager are effective
only after restarting xffm. This will soon be fixed. The config file has
now changed name so configuration starts afresh.

  BTW, if you don't want icons in the main menu, its as easy as removing
them from the theme's mime.xml file. 



ps. If anybody has a set of icons for curve, noia and crystal themes, it
would be a "good thing" to add them to CVS.

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