Xffm comments

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Fri Feb 21 10:54:06 CET 2003

Just a few things I noticed with xffm.

o There's no 'remove' in the right-click menu. I feel this is one of the
most-used operations so IMO it should be in the toplevel menu:


o Right-clicking on a file selects the item in the tree, but doesn't
update the status bar. Consequently, the main file menu has most of its
options greyed out. However, when you first select another file, the
main file menu is updated and when you then right-click on a file and
select remove from the main file menu, the correct file is being deleted
(the one selected in the tree), but the status bar still shows the other
file. I hope that made sense.

o Icons in the main menu bar are rather unusual. They look ok, when only
using the menu bar, but it seems a bit much if you also use one or more


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