xfwm4 personalized settings

Thomas R. Shannon tshannon at rush.edu
Mon Feb 17 15:36:39 CET 2003

Seeing as xfce4 seems to be nearing release, I took the plunge and
downloded and compiled it from CVS this weekend.  Very impressive.

Two xfwm4 questions:

1)  I can't get it to recognize my ~/.xfwm4rc file.  For instance, I




    But I still have to click to focus a window.  Is this normal for
    the program in its current state or is it a problem?

2)  On a related issue, I couldn't get any of my previous hot key and
    style settings and custom macros from xfwm to work with xfwm4.  Of
    course, if the ~/.xfwm4rc file isn't being recognized, I guess
    that's not surprising.  :)  But can I expect these to work in the
    released version or am I going to have to wait a while?

Tom S.
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