recent xffm changes

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Thu Feb 13 05:29:27 CET 2003

Hello everybody,

xffm now has a feature (which can be toggled on/off, default is on)
which will put files that are moved to local wastebaskets into the
general trashbin. Next follows the mcs plugin (now that there's a
configuration to play with).

Other recent changes are listed below, being removed from the TODO file.



DONE: trash needs to load like other dir (expand only after loaded)
DONE: needs "disable monitor" in options
DONE: needs hide wastebaskets 

FIXED: got a hang on double click bookmark entry (conflict with
FIXED: non determined condition where double-click causes a endless loop
DONE: needs to enable config for disable preview, 
DONE: needs to enable abbreviate path, 
DONE: needs to enable longstatus, 
DONE: needs to enable disable-autoscroll. 
FIXED: show/hide titles for tree not working correctly
DONE: fix for popup (move edit stuff to top level)
FIXED: on opening xffm, press go home before doing anything else... does
not work.
FIXED: on opening xffm, press go up before doing anything else... crash!
> whenever a new wastebasket is created, its full
> path is added to a file. The trash collection would
> only need to read over this file instead of reading over
> the whole file-tree.
DONE: Needs: if filterbox is hidden, do not apply any set filter!
DONE: needs tooltip for "Hide buttons" 

EXPLAINED: if you "ln -s ~/.xfce ~/.xfce4/xffm" it will not use the same
xftree program register. The reg file is now called xffm.reg and not

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