xffm and mounting

manny rosa manny_robot_freak at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 12 21:55:26 CET 2003

Greate! I can't wait til it's implemented. It took me
a while to fine the appropriate header and such. I
thought it would be non-distribution-specific. I guess
I was wrong. I'm using Gentoo Linux.

El mar, 11-02-2003 a las 21:51, manny rosa escribi=F3:
> Is it possible to have xffm list user-mountable
> filesystems similar to how it handles bookmarks,
> wastebasket, etc. I think it would be more
> user-friendly than the xfmount strategy unless
> where able to generate a list of mountable
> and go from there. The point is avoiding the user to
> either use the command line or to configure xfmount.

It's in the TODO list. Haven't had time to get around
to it yet, but
eventually will.=20

> I've been testing some code which simply gets a list
> of the entries in /etc/fstab using the getmntent()
> function. Here's a sample (forgive me I wrote it in
> C++):

I don't have a mntent.h on my system and "man
getmntent" yields 
(using cpp-3.2-7 and gcc-3.2-7).


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