Iconbox behavior different from panel

iSteve isteve at rulez.cz
Thu Dec 25 19:15:22 CET 2003

Took the time to look up the iconbox source, it seems like these lines 
handle the repositioning:


Therefore, only changing 0 to 2 and gdk_screen_width/height() to 
gdk_screen_width/height()-2 should be sufficient... I suppose other 
things (like, other such boxes) are solved similar...

By the way, what about making xfwm4, when maximizing the window, trully 
maximize it and not only resize as much as possible ? ie. when 
maximized, no possibility of resizing etc...

Anyway, great thing the xfce is and I'm glad I may use it :)

  - iSteve

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Op wo 24-12-2003, om 14:08 schreef iSteve:
>>as I was today compiling the latest cvs source of xfce, I've found out 
>>that the behavior of panel is updated (In the source, it is added with 
>>this comment: "if on the edge, move slightly over the edge by the width 
>>of the shadow to take advantage of Fitts law: putting the mouse pointer 
>>on the edge will hit the buttons, instead of the window border. "), 
>>while iconbox remains the same. Since I can rather easily read the 
>>panel's source, but I am completely lost in the iconbox, I solved it for 
>>myself that I removed the panel's feature ... however, this matter 
>>should be resolved by fixing iconbox, for I guess I am not the only one 
>>who runs iconbox and panel 'in line' and wants to keep the look clean.
> Yeah, you're right. I'm not sure I will keep that feature though, just
> trying some things to improve usability. It's a bit of a hack though, so
> I'm not entirely happy with it. Some things also look strange (date-time
> in vertical mode, I had to add a space at the end just to make it look
> normal again).
> So, please complain if it still isn't fixed by the time we start talking
> about a 4.2 release ;-)
> Thanks,
> 	Jasper
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