Iconbox behavior different from panel

iSteve isteve at rulez.cz
Wed Dec 24 14:08:00 CET 2003

as I was today compiling the latest cvs source of xfce, I've found out 
that the behavior of panel is updated (In the source, it is added with 
this comment: "if on the edge, move slightly over the edge by the width 
of the shadow to take advantage of Fitts law: putting the mouse pointer 
on the edge will hit the buttons, instead of the window border. "), 
while iconbox remains the same. Since I can rather easily read the 
panel's source, but I am completely lost in the iconbox, I solved it for 
myself that I removed the panel's feature ... however, this matter 
should be resolved by fixing iconbox, for I guess I am not the only one 
who runs iconbox and panel 'in line' and wants to keep the look clean.

  - iSteve

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