xfce-panel 4.0.2 crashes

Lam Vinh Nien nienvl at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 24 02:58:11 CET 2003

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

> Op di 23-12-2003, om 15:25 schreef Lam Vinh Nien:
>> Hello,
>> When I add gnome-terminal as a lancher on a menu of
>> the panel 4.0.2, it just crashes. Does anyone
>> encounter this problem?
> I need more information than this to be able to help
you. It works fine
> here.
> if you can run it in gdb that would be helpful:
> $ gdb xfce4-panel
> gdb> run
> ...
> add launcher
> *crash*
> gdb> bt
> <backtrace output>
> If you can't do that, any error messages would be
>     Jasper
Thank you for the reply.
After I repeat adding that launcher many times, now I
succeeded. I dont know the exact problem.
Before, the error messages said that a crash occured
in the panel, please report this to xfce4-dev mailing
list, in the meantime, the panel will autorestart. (I
couldnt remember the exact word-by-word message).
Thanks again.


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