icon factories

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Fri Dec 19 09:32:14 CET 2003

Op do 18-12-2003, om 15:58 schreef edscott wilson garcia:
> With the mime_icons module  you can use gtk-defined stock items. If you
> define any icon with a string beginning with "gtk-", it will use the gtk
> stock icon, like the following line from the gnome theme:
>   <mime-type type="xfce/help_icon" icon="gtk-help"/>
> So that extending the code to process any other stock icons parsed from
> a gtkrc file is quite trivial. The important part here would be to
> achieve coordination between us:
> 1- A common location for shared icon theme rcfiles and pixmaps.
> 2- A set of icon identifiers for shared icons (panel icons, plugin
> icons, xffm toolbar/menu icons, and overriding of gtk-stock icons if so
> desired by the theme).
> 3- The corresponding pixmaps and rcfiles for the xfce-distributed
> themes.
> Does that sound like something we might want work in the same direction?
> I still think icon theme selection should be done in sync for all xfce
> apps by use of the mcs-manager. Olivier? Jasper?

Well, I'm afraid I don't have a very clear idea of what is the best
implementation for icon themeing, but I really like us to take enough
time to make sure that we play well with relevant specs and with gtk
2.4. Relevant for us are:

* mime spec
* icon theme spec
* gtk 2.4 icon theme support
* gtk stock icon system
and perhaps
* basedir spec

ROX is already using the icon theme spec for its mime icons in the CVS
version and I really would like us to be able to use the same icon
themes. I think gnome will be starting to use these as well.

If I understand correctly, you're implementation uses the mime type
database to add special xfce icons, but of course conceptually that is
not entirely correct, since there are no files or applications involved.
This doesn't have to be a problem if it makes implementation easier.
Will it affect other programs using the mime spec or is the database
xffm/xfce specific?

I'm sorry to say I have really very limited time at the moment, so I
can't investigate these issues as well as I would like.

Olivier, do you have ideas, opinions on this?


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