[xfce4-panel] Positioning after remote X login

Daniel Ciaglia daniel at ciaglia.de
Sat Dec 6 10:27:33 CET 2003

after quick search through my archive of the mailinglist it seems noone
else has spotted this behaviour before:

Logging in with remote X (X -query orwell) into my default desktop with an
different display size (800x600 vs. 1280x1024), doing some work, shutting
down the laptop and using the workstation as usual the next day gives me
this position of the panel:

When working remote, the panel sets itself to the lower border of the
screen, but not centered. Back to normal, it's a little bit lazy and stays
at its position in the center of the screen.

Well, I haven't looked at the code but wouldn't it be the cleaner solution
to use the set preferences (center at the bottom) at every startup then
waitinig for the final *click* in the settings menu?

Just my 2¢


PS: I'm using the standard packages from Debian/sid
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