[PATCH] Panel Clock Improvements: I18N tooltip, calender popup

Mickael Graf mgf at bredband.net
Thu Dec 4 16:19:33 CET 2003

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Hey Oliver,
> Op wo 03-12-2003, om 23:40 schreef Oliver M. Bolzer:
>>Last weekend I finally got the time to try XFce and I love it! Great Work.
>>To get a feel for the code, I hacked the clock panel-plugin to add
>>the one feature I was most missing after leaving KDE's panel behind me.
>>- Calender Popup when clicking on the clock
>>  The code is almost entirely taken from the datetime plugin Choe Hwanjin.
>>  I liked the calender but prefered the clock from the standard pluin
>>  more, so combined the best of both worlds.
> I'm not sure. I was thinking about running xfcalendar from the clock.
> That would give you additional appointments.
> What do other people think about this?
It's fine with me.

Left-Click on the clock to launch xfcalendar w/ or w/o borders sounds 
nice, and left-click again on the clock close it.

There's two way for doing this:

- integrate codes from xfcalendar and clock into one
- launch xfcalendar as a separate application

I think the former is better, so there's one place to configure, and 
nobody has a broken install coz the xfcalendar-package is missing.

But I don't have much time for taking care of that now :(


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