[PATCH] Panel Clock Improvements: I18N tooltip, calender popup

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Thu Dec 4 14:45:10 CET 2003

Op do 04-12-2003, om 14:01 schreef Oliver M. Bolzer:
> > However, I don't like the date represented in the numeric format, so I
> > guess the only way to do this is let translators change the format
> > string. I believe xffm does this as well. Are there any other options?
> In most locales, D_FMT is a terse format. Unfortunately, there is no
> D_FMT_LONG or D_FMT_VERB :-(.  On glibc systems there is _DATE_FMT
> that defines the format used by date(1), which could be used after
> filtering out unneccersary fields like timezone and time, but that's
> ugly and unportable. Looks like strftime() with _(date_format) is the 
> only viable option. 

Committed that to CVS, I'll wait with a decision on the calendar stuff
until I've thought about it some more.

Thanks a lot,


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