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Thu Aug 28 10:42:59 CEST 2003

On Thu, 28, Aug 2003, Marc REYNES wrote:

> Hello everyone,

Hello Marc,

> I have written a plugin which aims to monitor the cpu temp of dell laptops.
> I need some help to finish this as I understand nothing about m4, autoconf, automake
> Could someone give me links to good (and brief) tutorials about this,
> and explain me how to "package" my src as a real geek.
> I am not sure my plugin works as I didn't manage to compile it;) 
> I am not very good at programming but the code is minimal

As a quick start, you should look at the xfce4-sample-plugin in
xfce4-extras, just copy your source files to the appriorate location
(the plugin/ subdirectory), modify the plugin/ to include
your files and run in the toplevel directory (you need to
have the autotools installed, see the xfce homepage for details).
After the and configure scripts completed you can run make
to build your plugin (this is the point where you'll realize leftover
failures) and make install to install the plugin. To create a
distribution run make dist, the version number is taken from, you can change it there, but remember to rerun after modifying and/or any files.
Be sure to modify the files AUTHORS, COPYING and README before making
a distribution :-).

If you fail to manage the above steps, send me your current plugin
sources again in private until tomorrow evening, and I'll create the
package for you, or just ask about detailed problems.

I'd be nice if you could add support for other environmental systems
(e.g. NetBSD has an envsys(4) framework, and Linux may offer similar
facilities). That way your plugin would be usefull to a wider range of
people, and we could add it to the xfce-goodies project, if you like

> thanks

Nice to see more and more people coming up with plugins and 3rd party
software for XFce. Keep on with the good work.

> Regards,
> Marc


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