menu.xml.<lang> and include

Koblinger Egmont egmont at
Thu Aug 28 01:31:11 CEST 2003


It's a feature request, most likely not for 4.0 but for later...

When using the include feature of menu.xml (that &menu2; token or
similar), it would be nice if XFce repeated the search of
language-dependant files, as it does for the main main.xml itself.

For example the &menu2; token with its default definition would first try
to open if my language is hungarian, and then fallback to


We're building a distribution and have just implemented a common menu
system of applications for many window managers including XFce4. (This
utility will soon be announced on freshmeat but if anyone's interested I
can send the sources.) This utility supports multiple languages, but since
XFce has only one language in one file (as opposed to Gnome or KDE
.desktop files), it generates many files, e.g.,
etc. As a next step I'd like to include these files from menu.xml
(replacing or symlinking menu.xml with these generated files is not okay
since I may want to insert additional menu entries such as "Quit" which
are not generated). Currently all I can do is edit to include etc. I can do it for all languages that do have a menu.xml
file. However if the main menu.xml.<lang> file is missing for a language
then it will fallback to menu.xml and hence include the English version of
the applications menu. I'd rather preferred if it first tried to include
my application menu that corresponds to the current language, even if
main.xml doesn't exist for that lang.



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