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Wed Aug 27 22:11:27 CEST 2003

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Hi to everybody!

I downloaded the rc2 source full package, and when i saw the many included 
packages i decided to do something usefull for the comunity.

I wrote a script which automatize the from-sources-installation of xfce4, and 
should work with any future versions (i hope...) with small adjustment.

I attach it here, because it is very small (6kb).

I have tested it with rc2, and just now i noticed rc3 is out, if someone will 
test it it would be nice (i am not going to download rc3 until next week).

I think this could be a nice and useful tool to add to the xfce4 distribution, 
at least with the 15mb tar.gz one.

Give it a read, a try, and tell me if you like it and what else you would like 
to see in it.


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