new xfwm4 version

Paul Ladouceur tipaul at
Mon Aug 25 05:05:05 CEST 2003

Hi Toomas,

Toomas Römer wrote:

>I'm new to xfce sources. So far the biggest graphical thing i've compiled is 
>kde in its 2.x versions.
>This cvs snapshot is just the sources of xfwm meaning just the window manager, 
>right? So i need to compile everything else that is under xfce that the xfwm 
>needs or is it okay to use some from packages(or is it a bad approach?)?
You need to compile everything else (following the steps describe in the 
installation help page) if you want a good idea of the project... I've 
flushed everything else since i'm an XFCE4 adept! ;-)


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