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--- Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at moongroup.com> wrote:
> Op di 19-08-2003, om 20:08 schreef Bernhard Walle:
> [...]
> > Current CVS contains more window manager bugs in my opinion. The
> > Motif Tcl/Tk not-focus bug (as described in the list) is very annoying
> > if you work with those applications and it's inacceptable for a stable
> > release. rc2 worked better here.
> > 
> Damn, i forgot about this one. I'm hoping it is something relatively
You forgot? I guess I am not b'ing LOUD enuf.  

I'll have to change that.

> simple that can be fixed soon. I doubt there will be a release before
> this bug is solved.
> 	Jasper

That has been here in different bug-versions since (at least) the fixes to get
the dialog windows to behave properly.  The odd thing is that these
focus/dialog problems have been with QT, Motif, Java and Tcl/Tk aps, but not
any GTK+ aps.   

I was really hoping that you guys would cut the release Monday, the 25th, the
way it is, known bugs or not, so that things can start to, well, move forward

In particular, xfce-session needs work.  The current state is totally
unacceptable in a working/production environment, IMO;  I know, iknow -> it is
not supposed to be used in a production area.  Yet, Session management of some
working form is mandatory, again IMO, for XFce to be "XFce".   And that will
not happen until after 4.0 is released, maybe even longer, depending on Benny's
schedule. :(
Plus there is this lingering problem with GTK 2.0 -vs- 2.2 which, apparently,
can only be resolved by cutting the release and making the new requirements for
4.1/4.2 include GTK>=gtk+2.2.  That may help some developers. ...

Personally, I am about to upgrade the system(s) and will not be able to test
with GTK+2.0.6 anymore.  So whether y'all cut it loose or not, 2.0.6 will not
be available here for testing XFce after next week, maybe sooner. 

BTW, If it is decided that fixing  non-GTK  aps will come after the initial
release, that is okay by me!   I do not like the bug(s), but since they're not
GTK+ bugs, I can deal with it for a while. :)

Have A Great Day!

Thought for today:
"In the closed-source world, Version 1.0 means "Don't touch this if
you're prudent."; in the open-source world it reads more like "The
developers are willing to bet their reputations on this."
 - Eric Raymond

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