A HOWTO document & Bug to report

Francois Le Clainche fleclainche at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 18 23:45:57 CEST 2003

Le lundi 18 août 2003 à 20:11, Benedikt Meurer a écrit:


> > I wrote a HOWTO document for installing XFce4 on SuSE 8.2.

That's a good idea. Thanks Robert.

> Very nice work, Robert. You should send such stuff to the xfce4-dev@
> mailinglist in the future (I CC'd this reply). Maybe we can put this
> on the website, or maybe but it on a separate website and link it from
> the website? Francois, what do you think? Some sections could also be
> used for an "About XFce" or "What is XFce" section on the homepage.

I'm of course ready to add a link on xfce.org, if someone can host this
document as soon as it will be corrected.

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