Problems on Alpha

Jan Lentfer Jan.Lentfer at
Fri Apr 25 18:28:15 CEST 2003

Hi all,

today I successfully built all modules on my Alpha PWS 500a, but when I start 
up xfce4 the taskbar and the panel come up with window decorations.
Anbody know why this happens? I rm'ed all relevant dot-directories from my 
I use this script to start xfce4 from kdm3:
export PATH=/usr/local/xfce4/bin:$PATH
/usr/local/xfce4/bin/xfwm4 --daemon
/usr/local/xfce4/bin/xfdesktop &
/usr/local/xfce4/bin/xftaskbar4 &
/usr/local/xfce4/bin/xfdeskmenu &
exec /usr/local/xfce4/bin/xfce4-panel

It works on my x86 notebook.
Except for the home-dir I did a fresh install of Debian/Unstable today.



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