Compiling dbh_1.0 fails

BluPhoenyx quazar at
Tue Apr 22 06:57:56 CEST 2003

> completes ok and says 'run make'
> Dbh_1.0 is from the current xfce4-cvs-snapshot.tar.bz2.
> As I haven't seen anyone on the list with this problem I can only assume
> that there is some software missing or broken in my files or am I doing 
> something wrong?
> If dbh wont install xfce4 is shot:-((
> Any ideas please.

AFAIK, this is only used in xffm. I have had problems before with dbh 1.0 building properly. Using a copy from the Sourceforge site however fixed that. I currently use 1.0-14 and build it only once.

Mike T.

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