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Sat Apr 19 15:48:43 CEST 2003

El vie, 18-04-2003 a las 20:20, Shadoe escribió:
> Hi,  I don't know if this has been covered,  but in xffm is it possible to choose multiple files and move all of them at once? like ctrl click and hilite a few then drag all to a folder or copy/paste all? I have tried and it will just cut/copy/grab whatever the mouse is pointing at instead of all of the files.

xffm will c+p or dnd multiple files. Just start dragging when you click
on the last file selected (without releasing the button after the

What it *cannot* do, and is scheduled to appear only after the first
official release of xfce4, is to bring up the popup menu on multiple
selected files.


> Anyhow *I* have been using the cvs and i havent encountered any problems at all, just normal use not actually looking for any but no crashes no anomalies nothing that i can point at except the inability to drag or copy/paste multiple files in xffm, (i use xftree in the event i am moving large amounts of files)
> Overall enjoying xfce4 immensely :) Looking forward to the release. 
> =o)
> Michelle
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