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Wed Apr 16 20:31:58 CEST 2003

El mar, 15-04-2003 a las 12:55, Danny escribió:
> Xffm all in all seems to be very promising :)
> It would be a good feature to be able to drag file names from the "text
> window" (at the bottom) to a new folder and then they would be moved
> there.
> Why I'd like this?
> I am imagining something like this:
> Say I have a folder with 10000 pictures, all to be sorted into some
> categories but still unsorted and I want to categorize them (into
> subfolders).
> I have the option of just marking which ever and then drag&drop to the
> destination folder.
> However, it would be cool to have a "Command&Conquer" (or "Diablo") like
> "selecting" support (ctrl+[1234] there), so that I can "grab" 10 files
> from all over the place into a "slot" and then calmly go find the target
> folder (far far away ;)) and then say "drop collection 1 there".
> This would be ideal.
> But as an compromise I thought since the file gets added to the text
> window when I press the middle mouse button, perhaps I can "misuse" the
> text window as a collection, then go find the target folder and then
> mark the file names of the files I want in the text window, and drag the
> "text selection" to the target :D
> However, it did not work... the adding of the file names to the text
> window worked, the marking in the text window worked, the dragging to
> the target folder worked *too*, but it does not do anything when I
> finally drop it there O_o 
> So just a suggestion :D
> move(collection_of_filenames[x], selected_folder)   ;)

We're in a feature freeze now. But that will give you time if you want
to work on a patch. ;-)


> Thanks :)
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