xfce_movehandler patch to signal window movement

Tobias Henle tobias at page23.de
Wed Apr 16 12:26:55 CEST 2003

hi list,

i have had a problem, i want to be notified if a window is moved with a 
movehandler. i used some gtk stuff and could not find any solution so i patched 
the movehandler so emit a signal on position change.

i think this a good idea becourse it makes detection of window movement easy and 
performant so please look at my changes.

i wrote no patch and attached my changed files becoures i am not really shure 
wether the marshal function should be in th movehandler file or not but if 
anybody with cvs access would add the changes to the files were they should be i 
would be very grateful!

thanx & cya
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