How can I help?

John Quigley circgroup at
Mon Apr 14 06:40:35 CEST 2003

Alright, I'll hop on this:
>   How about .po translations to american english
> (en_US) to get started?
> Most of the guys who are writing code are in Europe,
> where the british
> version is used (en_GB) in the C locale.

in a few days.  Though I've never been involved in
translation related things, a quick google pooped up
some information that should send me on my way.

Ah, I have d/l and compiled the most recent CVS xfce4,
and will also work bust out my can of RAID and do some
bug busting.  Thanks for the direction...look forward
to working with everyone!

Ciao for Now,

John Quigley


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