gtk-2 bug, inconsistency or simply misunderstanding on my side ?

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Sep 26 23:21:03 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I've seem some behaviour in gkt that I don't understand well.

The problem shows like this :

create a container (a frame)
add another container (another frame) inside the first one.
at last, add a widget to the last container.

It looks like this :

    +-> container2

It happens that, when destroying container2 the widget is freed twice
(even if the widget is *not* destroyed explicitely by the program).

This is because (if I understand well) when destroying the container,
the widget is removed from the container first, so its reference count
is decremented and reach zero, so it gets automatically free, and then
the widget is freed again because its parent is destroyed.

The (easy to tell, hard to find) workarround is to force a
g_object_ref() on the widget at creation. This way, the
gtk_container_remove performed automatically doesn't free the widget, so
it gets freed only once.

Do all this make any sense ? Am I missing something obvious here ?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,
Olivier               <fourdan at>  
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