Panel Redesign [Was: Re: About the clock updates]

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Sep 26 11:42:52 CEST 2002

Hi Botsie,

I have another idea to simplify things. Drop the concept of left-side
> and right-side. Make the panel an array of Panel Items. The properties
> of Panel Items:
> 	* Are implemented as builtins or plugins
> 	* Can specify whether they want an associated popup
> 	* Default Types of Panel Items:
> 		- Icon (allows popups)
> 		- Desktop Buttons (doesn't allow popups)
> 		- Clock, Trash, MailCheck, etc.

An array or a list. preferably a list (no limitation in size)

> The current CDE look would just become the default configuration --
> *not* hard-coded.
> I suspect Jasper is already thinking on these lines. I had suggested
> this earlier, but it was not very well received. ;-)

> What thoughts on this?

I think Jasper has plans to move everything to modules, which would be
IMO, really great. Definitely the way to go.

This requires, however, a rock solid module management subsystem.

> PS: Olivier, zeDek: I really got it from my wife in the morning for
> sitting up so late. Next time find bugs at a more reasonable hour! :-)

My wife is used to that :-)

> PPS: I'm getting too old for this sh*t (All nighters, I mean).

I'm getting old for that too. But it was interesting chasing bugs all
together. Good to talk to you on IRC too.

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