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FYI! There was some discussion recently about the inclusion of the 
bluecurve theme into xfce. It looks like that might become very, very 
possible soon... see below!

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Subject: Re: central location for bluecurve gtk engines

Alex Duggan <aldug at astrolinux.com> writes:
> I would like to make a formal request that the gtk1 and gtk2 bluecurve
> engines be maintained in a more central way that allows non-redhat users
> to more easily build them for their system.  Currently, a user has to
> extract the tarball from the redhat rpms and do some hackery to install
> just the gtk engines on their system.  As far as I know, everything in
> the redhat-artwork rpm is GPL, so redistribuation should not be a
> problem under the terms of the GPL.  I propose that the engines be in
> gnome cvs and released versions go on the gnome ftp site.  I also think
> that it should be considered for inclusion in GNOME 2.2.

I was talking with Garrett about this just today. The "redhat-artwork"
package is intended to include a complete neutral "metatheme" covering
Qt, Mozilla, XMMS, and whatever else in addition to GNOME, so I don't
think we want to put it in GNOME CVS. However we can probably put it
up on a Red Hat server (sources.redhat.com or i18n.redhat.com) and
make tarballs available.

Before doing this, I want to add a --with-theme-name=Foo option to the
configure script, however. The reason is that the name "Bluecurve" is
a trademark and can't be used for commercial purposes. If Garrett
agrees we might use the name "Wonderland" as the generic name of this
theme.  So the tarball distribution would default to "Wonderland"
instead and we will use --with-theme-name=Bluecurve in Red Hat.
Wonderland was the original working name for the theme, some people
will remember this from the beta releases.

For convenience of people who want only the GTK themes, I'd also be
open to having configure check for the presence of each library (Qt,
GTK etc.) and not compile the themes for stuff that isn't found.
(--disable-gtk or --disable-qt type options are also possible).

Anyway, yes, we are working on doing this. I'm fooling with packages
that add menu editing to 8.0 first though. ;-) And building a fix for
the dup-o-rama bug: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=94625


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