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Well, this is a problem ...

should I address you as u7180399 or perhaps mister u7180399? ;-)

Anyway, this is the right list for feaeture requests for XFce 4.

On 27 Nov 2002 20:33:51 +0800
u7180399 <u7180399 at tknet.tku.edu.tw> wrote:

> Dear All:
>    I don't know if it is proper to have some feature sugesstion in
>    this
> list.If not,I will post it in user mail list.
>    I think the operation way of OS/2 ( an operation system from IBM)
>    is
> very good. All icon in on the GUI is treated as an object,and one can
> usr the right bottum of mouse to adjust the object's property such as
> file attribution,opening behavior,and the icon properties. And it can
> has fully drag&grop operation.
> The OS/2 desktop is call Workplace shell and has a lower layer use SOM
> ,a objcet module.

Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to work with an OS/2 system.
It's difficult for me to understand the behaviour you want. Are there
any specific enhancements / additions / removals you'd like to see?

> I don't know if it is possible to have a SOM-like layer to make the
> operation behavior like an object.And I don't know if the SOM play the
> same role as GTK , QT ...etc.

Sorry, I have no idea what this 'everything is an object' means, so I
don't know the answer to your question.

> I personally like the OS/2 GUI and hope that I can have a similar
> clone on x-window.But I am not a programer and don't know if it can
> make available under x-window?
> This is just an idea .Does anyone have some comment about this idea?

I think there used to be file managers out there that try to emulate
OS/2. I think one was called dfm. Try searching freshmeat.net.


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