about feature sugesstion

u7180399 u7180399 at tknet.tku.edu.tw
Wed Nov 27 13:33:51 CET 2002

Dear All:
   I don't know if it is proper to have some feature sugesstion in this
list.If not,I will post it in user mail list.

   I think the operation way of OS/2 ( an operation system from IBM) is
very good. All icon in on the GUI is treated as an object,and one can
usr the right bottum of mouse to adjust the object's property such as
file attribution,opening behavior,and the icon properties. And it can
has fully drag&grop operation.

The OS/2 desktop is call Workplace shell and has a lower layer use SOM
,a objcet module.

I don't know if it is possible to have a SOM-like layer to make the
operation behavior like an object.And I don't know if the SOM play the
same role as GTK , QT ...etc.

I personally like the OS/2 GUI and hope that I can have a similar clone
on x-window.But I am not a programer and don't know if it can make
available under x-window?

This is just an idea .Does anyone have some comment about this idea?

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