xfce4 ui thoughts

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Tue Nov 26 14:14:40 CET 2002

Hé Jeroen,

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002 21:59:07 +0100
Jeroen Vloothuis <jeroen at vloothuis.net> wrote:

> I have a few thoughts for improvements, these of course are my
> opinions and therefore discucussible but unmistakenly correct ;-)

of course ;-) Unless they conflict with mine ...

> 1) The virtual desktop digits need to be centered. Everything is
> symetrical and this way they feel out of place like they are know.

I'm not sure what you mean, but only in the default configuration the
panel is symetrical. Anyway, I'd like to have more opinions on this
one. I have no preference either way.

> 2) A possibility to remove the side move handles. I never use these
> and only get annoyed when i accidently move the panel.

I want the handles to be always available for its right-click menu to
access configuration, see also next point.

> 3) Remove the close on the left side panel. This is a silly option as
> the minipower button does the same (as far as i can tell).

Yes, but you can hide the minibuttons! I use the panel that way. I like
the close button :-). 

The minimize button, I'm not so sure about. Why would anyone want to
minimize the panel? I think I'll leave it in for historical reasons. 
I'm curious, does anyone ever minimize the panel?

> 4) The add button shouldnt use a gtk stock icon. Every icon in xfce is
> themable and the standard stock icon looks silly with certain icon
> themes.

This is definitely interesting. Easy to add too. I think I'll change

> Well thats enough for know I think. I want to use this oppurtunity to
> thank everyone involved in makin xfce great!

Just imagine what it'll be like when it's finished ;-)


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