Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Tue Nov 12 13:02:10 CET 2002

edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> El mar, 12-11-2002 a las 01:56, Jasper Huijsmans escribió:
> Actually the name is to give credit to France as the place of birth of
> xfce by honoring the submarine invented by Jules Verne, the Nautilus ;-)

Shame on me, I didn't think of that ;-)

> It will not really compete with ROX, since Rox uses the icon-view
> approach (like all other fm). xfnautilus, just like xftree, xfsamba,
> xfglob uses the tree approach where icons don't grow as big and are
> always placed on screen by the application. That's why the "open ROX"
> button is still there. 
If you have icon previews incorporated there hardly is a reason to have 
that button anymore, but that's implementation details of course.

> What xfnautilus also has on the drawing board:
> 1- image previews (that's why the zoom buttons are there)
> 2- easy way to execute file-utils commands (check the menu for listing)
> 3- auto scrolling of tree with the keyboard (from a suggestion from the
> xfce list)
> 4- dynamic loading of modules to keep size down (only on releases).
> 5- maybe another tree element for the rox pinboard or .Desktop
> elements.  
Great ideas, all of them. Maybe have a plugin interface for additional 
toplevel tree nodes, like e.g. ftp or removable media. A bit like 
virtual folders or kio slaves.

> In the meantime I've got to do a lot of testing because I am using ghash
> tables and I have clearly found a bug in the glib implementation. I
> think that might be responsible for a unexplicable segv I can pull from
> xfnautilus.  
It segfaulted on closing for me.

Did I mention it is great to have you back? ;-)


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