edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Tue Nov 12 12:17:40 CET 2002

El lun, 11-11-2002 a las 22:09, Biju Chacko escribió:
> That's great! Can't wait to pull it down. I don't like the name, though.
> Makes it sound like it is a derivative program. Why not xftree4 ?

Because it could also be xfsamba-2 or xfglob-2. It needs a name which
encompasses all 3 programs (plus the new stuff). 2 reasons for
xfnautilus. 1- The art work for icons is great, and open source means we
can harvest them. 2- Draw traffic from unsuspecting users towards the
xfce proyect. 

> I think people may have issues with folders being created all over the
> place. What is the main advantage of this approach?

That would be no problem at all. Those users just press a button to
change behaviour. The advantages? Well, picture this scene of real life.
You just scribbled a note with your secret password on a piece of paper
and mistakenly threw it away. Lucky for you the trash has not been
emptied. So you go to the trash bin and start removing the eggs shells,
used baby diapers, banana peels, dog poop looking for the note. There's
a lot of trash in there. Besides, when you throw away a little note, why
should you have to go all the way to the big trash can? Now construct an
analogy with the files on your computer.

1- all files, regardless of size, type or whatever, are deleted to trash
(hard deleted only if user specifies so).
2- disk usage for entire system remains the same before and after
3- deleting large files will be instantaneous (instead of imposible).
4- trash can be hard deleted on a per folder basis.
4- trash can be collected to a general trash bin on a
selective/recursive basis.
5- priviledged users can collect other people's trash as well as their
own (and dispose of it if allowed). 
6- several people can collect the same trash in different trash bins.
7- collecting trash will be fast, since files will not be moved from
device. Instead a dbh file will be constructed.
8- local trash bins appear only when there is trash. When there is no
trash, there is no local trash bin.


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