edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Tue Nov 12 02:42:52 CET 2002

I just uploaded xfnautilus to the xfce-devel CVS tree.
I spent about a week working on xfsamba-2, and what resulted was a tree
application that will combine xftree, xfsamba and xfglob in one window
to ease double-click, dnd, program asociation, etc. I think it also
could have a tasks folder where you can see minimized icons. I called it
xfnautilus because I started using some pretty icons from nautilus.

The gui is built entirely with glade-2, so that it is easy for anybody
to change or modify.

At the moment I'm rebuilding the xftree stuff from scratch. I've fixed
the problem with filtering remote NFS (or non GNU). I've also got a new
idea about how to handle trash. (put a waste basket in any folder that
needs it and have a janitor collect the trash to the main trash bin and
empty it out whenever told).

If you want to look at it and play/modify the gui you will need to copy
(or symlink) the pixmap directory to /usr/local/share/xfsamba-2/pixmaps.

At the moment the folder tree works to navigate. Not much more. The
others will display a "loading" message that does not go away. If you
open /dev it won't crash the application like the treeview in nautilus.
It will give you a progress report as the directory is being loaded into
the tree. The directories appear first (unsorted) and then the files.
Very limited icon set at the present time.



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