bug report in xfce4

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Sun Nov 10 10:18:09 CET 2002

Hi Japser,

> Quick solution for your crash: change showcentral="0" to showcentral="1"
> I'll look into this bug.

Well, I made a backup of a working config...

> The positioning bug you see is I believe unrelated (I'm not completely
> sure yet). The problem is it works just fine for me. Is this bug
> reproducible for you?

yes, 100% reproductible.

> The different numbers in the preferences dialog and the item dialog are
> just the difference between number of items (without the switcher) and
> the position on the panel, which includes the switcher. Do you think
> this is too confusing?

No, just surprising.
> Finally, it seems your concept of left and right are the opposite mine
> ;-)

Well, you knew about that before :)

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