bug report in xfce4

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Sun Nov 10 10:16:22 CET 2002

Hey Olivier,

Quick solution for your crash: change showcentral="0" to showcentral="1"
I'll look into this bug.

The positioning bug you see is I believe unrelated (I'm not completely
sure yet). The problem is it works just fine for me. Is this bug
reproducible for you?

It seems the panel adds a phantom item somewhere along the line
(switcher position changes from 10 to 11). This is probably related,
because counting right is a necessary condition to get the positioning
done correctly. 

Writing this I suddenly realise that this may happen if you have added
an item and then removed it. I knew I had to fix this, but I keep
forgetting about it. It's the first thing I'll do now ...

The different numbers in the preferences dialog and the item dialog are
just the difference between number of items (without the switcher) and
the position on the panel, which includes the switcher. Do you think
this is too confusing?

I'm still wondering if and how I should make the switcher into a normal
panel item. That would require the possibility for a panel item to hide
or remove it's associated popup menu. I feel this would be nice to have

Finally, it seems your concept of left and right are the opposite mine


On 10 Nov 2002 09:37:22 +0100
Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org> wrote:

> Hi Jasper,
> I've seen some quite annoying bug in xfce4 panel.
> I customized the panel to put the desktop switcher to the right end. I
> have 10 controls + the desktop switcher. The preference panel tells me
> I have 10 controls (see attached panel-step1.png). Fine.
> I have 5 icons on the left, the desktop switcher and 5 more icons on
> the right.
> I move the desktop switcher to position 10 and the panel shows the
> desktop switcher to the left end (see attached panel-step2.png). Fine.
> The clock is on the right end. Then I decide that the clock should be
> to the left end, so I right click on the clock and increase the
> position to its max value, and it says 11 this time. The clock doesn't
> move to the left end, but rather the icon that was just before the
> right panel (see attached panel-step3.png).
> So I click on the setup to move the switcher to the left end; the max
> value is now 11. To get what I want I left click on the clock and move
> it to the left end. Fine, I finally get what I want. (see attached
> panel-step4.png)
> Unfortunately, if I quite, xfce4 cores at next startup... See config
> file attached.
> Cheers,
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