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Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Wed May 8 11:23:19 CEST 2002


Would you try the latest CVS ?

What happen is that xfwm4 grabs the server quite early when receiving a
map request, to make sure the window doesn't go away before or while
managing it, but it seems that some slow apps don't have enough time to
properly set their settings.

I've reduced the portion of code between the grab/ungrab (ie, I grab the
server as late as possible) to give more time to the application. This
might help.

I've done some intensive testing and as far as I can tell, this doesn't
compromise xfwm4 stability.


On Wed, 2002-05-08 at 07:38, Jens Luedicke wrote:
> On 08 May 2002 00:48:44 +0200
> Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org> wrote:
> > > besides some minor issues with popup menus in kde2 that
> > > xfwm4 seems to have, I really like the new wm. 
> > 
> > What kind of issue ?
> If I press on the 'K' button in kicker, the menu appears
> not directly above the button. Instead it shows up on the top of the screen.
> So there is lots of space between the button and the menu.
> > > (I configured the kde2 script to use xfwm4 instead of kwin)
> > In the latest CVS, you have now a kde theme for xfwm4 ;-)
> I'm happy with agua for now.
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> Jens Luedicke
> jens at irs-net.com
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