Taskbar question

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Mon Jun 17 11:41:52 CEST 2002

There is a library that Havoc is writting for that purpose. While it is
not finished yet, it could be a good start for us (well, I don't think
we should use that library directly, but I'm pretty sure there are
plenty of stuff that would help us in it)

It's only available in GNOME CVS, but I've made a tarball for Marcin who
can't access the CVS.

So there is a copy on

The samples work just great with xfwm4

Marcin, if you want to work on this for xfwm4, you can grab a copy of
xfwm4 from 



On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 11:00, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Hi Marcin,
> This is more a development subject so I send it to xfce4-dev list as well.
> Are you subscribed to that?
> It seems many people are very happy with your implementation as it is now.
> If you want to think about the implementation for xfce4 you should probably
> check out my attempt at the new panel from CVS. However, if you wait until
> tonight (central european time) I will check in code for an automake
> framework so it's easy to install. This will change the directory layout
> considerably, so waiting will save you a lot of downloading time on later
> updates. I'll announce the change on the xfce4-dev list.
> A couple of points to consider:
> The window list and state of the windows must be obtained through the
> freedesktop window manager hints, instead of through direct communication
> with xfwm.
> The new philosophy for xfce is to have separate apps for separate
> functionality. However, if we want to have the possibility to dock the
> taskbar in the panel it is much easier to make it part of the panel.
> It is possible to use the GtkPlug / GtkSocket interface for this, but than
> we would need to have a communication mechanism between taskbar and panel to
> request docking/undocking.
> The xfce configuration file is now in xml, but that's really easy to implement.
> Jasper
> At 10:20 AM 6/17/02 +0200, you wrote:
>  > No, it doesn't work. The design is different and this require a rewrite
>  > of the taskbar anyway, just like any other "module".
> ...so I am just starting doing this. The question is: should we simply move
> current state (placement, options, behaviour) to xfce4 or change the
> concept. Any ideas?
> Marcin
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