Naming 'things' on the panel or lessons in English requested

Jasper Huijsmans huysmans at
Tue Aug 20 15:50:43 CEST 2002

Hello all,

This question is especially (but not exclusively) for the native English
speakers among us.

I sometimes find it difficult to correctly describe the things on the panel,
specifically in the configuration dialogs.

I have some problems with the following items (the first item in the list 
of examples is the one I use now):

Central part of the panel:
- central panel
- central console
- that thing in the middle inside the frame with the four little buttons and
   the desktop switcher buttons

General name for things on the left/right panel
- (panel) controls	# This feels a bit too technical
- items
- objects
- buttons and other stuff

For completeness sake, less important, because not visible in the GUI, but
important for future documentation:

Different type of ... (the above)
1) icon button that launches a program
- Icon button
- launcher
- normal item

2) dynamic stuff (clock, trash, mail, etc.), this is built in or external
- Module
- dynamic item
- special object

Opinions will undoubtedly differ, but I'm interested in any ideas or
preferences you may have.


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