useful for XFTree 2 ? (standard MIME database proposal)

Jasper Huijsmans j.b.huijsmans at
Mon Apr 22 13:19:34 CEST 2002


I read this on the ROX mailing list. Maybe it could be interesting for the 
next generation xftree?


>From: Thomas A Leonard <tal00r at>
>To: Francesco Bochicchio <fbochicchio at>
>Subject: Re: [rox-devel] A menu to open the Choices/MIMO-info dirs

[ ... ]

>Thanks, but this whole section is going to be completely changed ;-)
>I've written up a new spec for how MIME-type guessing should work (draft):
>I have agreement from both KDE and GNOME developers to adopt the new
>system, and I'm currently merging the existing databases (which is slow,
>because of resolving all the conflicts).
>Anyway, it should all end up a lot saner!
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