[Xfce4-commits] [xfce/xfce4-settings] branch ochosi/colord deleted (was 36c172f)

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Fri Feb 15 00:29:32 CET 2019

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   in repository xfce/xfce4-settings.

       was  36c172f   color: Add enable button and fix inline-toolbar

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  36c172f   color: Add enable button and fix inline-toolbar
  discards  155d58e   color: Make sure g_date_time_format doesn't fail
  discards  2ca4364   color: Drop unnecessary code
  discards  ae58acb   color: Ensure to only show profiles for current device
  discards  09f95d5   color: Fix name of executable in desktop file
  discards  9c7605f   color: More indentation fixes
  discards  08e17a6   color: Indentation fixes
  discards  c86f9f2   color: Flicker-free profile changes
  discards  f5c0ad4   color: Sort the device list
  discards  329c234   color: Correctly initialize add/remove button states
  discards  b8a36c2   color: Improve state machine for profile remove
  discards  4f70a88   color: Fix conditional state of profile remove button
  discards  ba75adb   color: Conditionally enable the ok button
  discards  6bbe56a   color: Remove unused var
  discards  e658327   color: Conditionally make the add profile button in/sensitive
  discards  a80c4c5   color: Move the import button to the profile add dialog
  discards  63a6a00   color: Re-pack profile list dialog
  discards  e3ee65d   color: Add profile list dialog
  discards  6ec0617   color: Make it possible to import .icc profile files
  discards  91aa082   color: Indentation fixes
  discards  8c5b857   color: Implement removing profiles and prepare adding
  discards  16af2d5   color: More state machine simplifications
  discards  3250e72   color: Fix initial state of "color_device->enabled"
  discards  058db11   color: Fix justification of info labels
  discards  3c57d38   color: Try to fix race condition
  discards  e6d043f   color: Make profiles-remove button insensitive conditionally
  discards  24c300c   color: Always show the profile toolbar
  discards  0504e91   color: Add device type icons to the list
  discards  1e48e87   color: Drop unneeded code
  discards  7342b75   color: Finalize handling of existing profiles
  discards  0c548b5   Minor changes for compiler warnings
  discards  c52e0cf   color: Add basic colord device detection
  discards  2cd0c51   color: Continue preparations for colord support
  discards  a92c4ee   color: Initial skeleton for color-settings
  discards  edfaddb   Fixed compilation issues
  discards  4d2096a   display: Preparations for colord support
  discards  b56cbd1   display: Remove unused var

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