Could someone PLEASE unsubscribe my father's email address, from this list.

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Tue Mar 14 07:01:46 CET 2023


there's no need to display mailing list headers. Usually mail clients
provide mailing list features.

If I take a look at your email by my iPad's Apple Mail, I see in the top
left corner of your mail: "This message is from a mailing list." and an
option to "Unsubscribe".

As you can see I reply using my Linux PC's Evolution mailer.
If your message is selected, then Evolution shows in the menu "Message >
Mailing list" more than just "Unsubscribe from List".

I'm not a Thunderbird user. Thunderbird seems to rely on add-ons to
provide common mailer features.

I can't comment on this add-on:

It seems to provide the same as Apple Mail, Evolution on Linux and a lot
of other mailers do provide, based on the headers, but without the need
to display the headers.


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