I need the syntax for xfce group reinstall

ToddAndMargo ToddAndMargo at zoho.com
Wed Jul 20 15:30:22 CEST 2022

On 7/20/22 01:47, Fontana Nicola wrote:
> Il giorno mer, 20/07/2022 alle 01.24 -0700, ToddAndMargo ha scritto:
>> On 7/20/22 00:51, Fontana Nicola wrote:
>>> Il giorno mer, 20/07/2022 alle 00.32 -0700, ToddAndMargo ha scritto:
>>>> ...
>>>> Xfce Desktop
>>>> ...
>>>> # dnf group remove 'XFCE Desktop'
>>>> ...
>>> Not using Fedora here, but 'XFCE' is not 'Xfce'.
>>> Ciao.
>> # dnf group remove 'Xfce Desktop'
>> Warning: Module or Group 'Xfce Desktop' is not installed.
>> Dependencies resolved.
>> Nothing to do.
>> Complete!
> So it is not installed. What about:
>      dnf group install 'Xfce Desktop'
> Ciao.

Xfce is installed.  I have been running it for ages.
I want a clean, fresh install.

I am not finding a "reinstall" for Xfce.   I am thinking I
have to do a

    # dnf groupremove 'Xfce Desktop'
    # dnf remove @xfce-desktop-environment

Then an Install:
    # dnf group install 'Xfce Desktop'
    # dnf install @xfce-desktop-environment

dnf does not seem to know I already am running Xfce.

But this is what I get running the install:

# dnf group install 'Xfce Desktop'
Last metadata expiration check: 0:39:05 ago on Wed 20 Jul 2022 05:40:27 
No match for group package "intel-media-driver"
No match for group package "xorg-x11-drv-armsoc"
  Problem: problem with installed package mlocate-0.26-300.fc36.x86_64
   - package mlocate-0.26-300.fc36.x86_64 conflicts with plocate 
provided by plocate-1.1.15-3.fc36.x86_64
   - package plocate-1.1.15-3.fc36.x86_64 conflicts with mlocate 
provided by mlocate-0.26-300.fc36.x86_64
   - conflicting requests
(try to add '--allowerasing' to command line to replace conflicting 
packages or '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages)

Both of these give the same result:
# dnf install @xfce-desktop-environment --allowerasing
# dnf group install 'Xfce Desktop' --allowerasing

Last metadata expiration check: 0:41:54 ago on Wed 20 Jul 2022 05:40:27 
No match for group package "intel-media-driver"
No match for group package "xorg-x11-drv-armsoc"
Dependencies resolved.
  Package                            Arch   Version         Repository 
  pipewire                           x86_64 0.3.55-2.fc36   updates 
     40 k
  pipewire-alsa                      x86_64 0.3.55-2.fc36   updates 
     63 k
  pipewire-libs                      x86_64 0.3.55-2.fc36   updates 
    1.6 M
  pipewire-pulseaudio                x86_64 0.3.55-2.fc36   updates 
     28 k
  systemd                            x86_64 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
    4.2 M
  systemd-container                  x86_64 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
    541 k
  systemd-libs                       i686   250.8-1.fc36    updates 
    646 k
  systemd-libs                       x86_64 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
    614 k
  systemd-networkd                   x86_64 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
    617 k
  systemd-pam                        x86_64 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
    333 k
  systemd-resolved                   x86_64 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
    275 k
  systemd-rpm-macros                 noarch 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
     28 k
  systemd-udev                       x86_64 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
    1.9 M
Installing group/module packages:
  NetworkManager-fortisslvpn-gnome   x86_64 1.4.0-1.fc36    fedora 
     41 k
  PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin        x86_64 1.2.5-1.fc36    fedora 
     20 k
  compsize                           x86_64 1.5-3.fc36      fedora 
     19 k
  default-editor                     noarch 6.0-2.fc36      fedora 
    9.1 k
  exfatprogs                         x86_64 1.1.3-2.fc36    fedora 
     63 k
  google-noto-sans-armenian-vf-fonts noarch 20201206-9.fc36 fedora 
     27 k
                                     noarch 20201206-9.fc36 fedora 
     53 k
  google-noto-sans-cherokee-vf-fonts noarch 20201206-9.fc36 fedora 
     85 k
  google-noto-sans-ethiopic-vf-fonts noarch 20201206-9.fc36 fedora 
    164 k
  google-noto-sans-georgian-vf-fonts noarch 20201206-9.fc36 fedora 
     46 k
  google-noto-sans-hebrew-vf-fonts   noarch 20201206-9.fc36 fedora 
     22 k
  google-noto-sans-lao-vf-fonts      noarch 20201206-9.fc36 fedora 
     26 k
  google-noto-sans-thaana-vf-fonts   noarch 20201206-9.fc36 fedora 
     26 k
  greybird-xfce4-notifyd-theme       noarch 3.22.15-2.fc36  fedora 
     23 k
  gstreamer1-libav                   x86_64 1:1.20.0-1.fc36 
rpmfusion-free 233 k
  gstreamer1-plugins-ugly            x86_64 1:1.20.0-1.fc36 
rpmfusion-free 193 k
  gtk3-immodule-xim                  x86_64 3.24.34-1.fc36  updates 
     24 k
  hplip                              x86_64 3.22.4-1.fc36   updates 
     18 M
  ibus-gtk4                          x86_64 1.5.26-9.fc36   updates 
     26 k
  im-chooser-xfce                    x86_64 1.7.4-3.fc36    fedora 
     20 k
  lohit-marathi-fonts                noarch 2.94.2-14.fc36  fedora 
     52 k
  mint-y-theme                       noarch 1:1.9.8-1.fc36  updates 
    2.3 M
  mpage                              x86_64 2.5.7-13.fc36   fedora 
     60 k
  opensc                             x86_64 0.22.0-6.fc36   updates 
    1.2 M
  pipewire-codec-aptx                x86_64 0.3.53-1.fc36 
     25 k
  pipewire-gstreamer                 x86_64 0.3.55-2.fc36   updates 
     62 k
  pipewire-utils                     x86_64 0.3.55-2.fc36   updates 
    333 k
  plocate                            x86_64 1.1.15-3.fc36   fedora 
    161 k
  qemu-guest-agent                   x86_64 2:6.2.0-12.fc36 updates 
    199 k
  qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld          x86_64 5.15.8-5.fc36 
rpmfusion-free  45 M
  systemd-oomd-defaults              noarch 250.8-1.fc36    updates 
     26 k
  virtualbox-guest-additions         x86_64 6.1.34-1.fc36   updates 
    1.4 M
  xfce4-screensaver                  x86_64 4.16.0-4.fc36   fedora 
    302 k
  xorg-x11-drv-amdgpu                x86_64 22.0.0-1.fc36   fedora 
     84 k
Installing dependencies:
  NetworkManager-fortisslvpn         x86_64 1.4.0-1.fc36    fedora 
    112 k
  gtk2-immodule-xim                  x86_64 2.24.33-8.fc36  fedora 
     22 k
  hplip-common                       x86_64 3.22.4-1.fc36   updates 
     73 k
  hplip-libs                         x86_64 3.22.4-1.fc36   updates 
    170 k
  ibus-qt                            x86_64 1.3.3-33.fc36   fedora 
    131 k
  libfreeaptx                        x86_64 0.1.1-3.fc36 
rpmfusion-free  30 k
  libva-intel-driver                 x86_64 2.4.1-8.fc36 
rpmfusion-free 1.1 M
  mint-x-icons                       noarch 1.6.4-2.fc36    fedora 
     13 M
  mint-y-icons                       noarch 1.5.9-2.fc36    fedora 
     60 M
  nano-default-editor                noarch 6.0-2.fc36      fedora 
     10 k
  net-snmp-libs                      x86_64 1:5.9.1-14.fc36 fedora 
    744 k
  openfortivpn                       x86_64 1.17.0-4.fc36   fedora 
     74 k
Installing weak dependencies:
  avahi-tools                        x86_64 0.8-15.fc36     fedora 
     40 k
Removing dependent packages:
  mlocate                            x86_64 0.26-300.fc36   @fedora 
    377 k
  mate-desktop                       x86_64 1.26.0-3.fc36   fedora 
     82 k
  mate-desktop-configs               noarch 1.26.0-3.fc36   fedora 
     10 k
  mate-desktop-libs                  x86_64 1.26.0-3.fc36   fedora 
    644 k
Installing Environment Groups:
  Xfce Desktop 

Installing Groups:
  Administration Tools 



  Dial-up Networking Support 


  Guest Desktop Agents 

  Hardware Support 

  Input Methods 


  Common NetworkManager Submodules 

  Printing Support 



Transaction Summary
Install    47 Packages
Upgrade    13 Packages
Remove      1 Package
Downgrade   3 Packages

Total download size: 158 M
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