Is the X startup sequence described anywhere?

Chris Green cl at
Sat Jan 8 10:56:47 CET 2022

Silvio Knizek <killermoehre at> wrote:
> Am Freitag, dem 07.01.2022 um 15:57 +0000 schrieb Chris Green:
> > Is the xfce4 X startup sequence described anywhere, or is it part of
> > the distribution (i.e. in my case xubuntu) rather than part ofr xfce4?
> >
> Hi Chris,
> what exactly do you mena by X startup sequence?
> Different applications are started by different tooling, so please
> elaborate more your use-case.
I'm specifically after the GUI login configuration and how it
automatically unlocks one's keyring with the login password.

I.e. what controls the sequence of things that happen after entering
one's password on the xdm/gdm/lightdm login screen.

Chris Green

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