ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.9.4 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Wed Sep 22 13:29:35 CEST 2021

xfdashboard 0.9.4 is now available for download from

What is xfdashboard?

xfdashboard provides a GNOME shell dashboard like interface for use with
Xfce desktop. It can be configured to run to any keyboard shortcut and
when executed provides an overview of applications currently open
enabling the user to switch between different applications. The search
feature works like Xfce's app finder which makes it convenient to search
for and start applications.


Release notes for 0.9.4
xfdashboard-0.9.4 "Running out of ideas" was released on 2021-09-22.

This is a development release.

* New feature: New plugin "autopin-windows" which will automatically
  pin each window moved to any non-primary monitor and unpins them if
  moved to primary monitor. This plugins runs in daemon mode only
* Use g_memdup2() instead of deprecated g_memdup() when compiling
  against GLib 2.67.4 or higher
* Implement function to set "urgent" state at X11 windows
* Simplied animation creation and usage (or not if disabled) by
  returning an empty animation object which the "done" signal can be
  connected to
* Fixed crashes with animations when user disabled animations in
  settings (#9)
* Fixed missing $(XFDASHBOARD_DEBUG_CFLAGS) in all files
  except of libxfdashboard and common folder. So debug macros to print
  debug message where empty and not printed at all, e.g. at plugins
* Fixed registering focusable actors from other stage interface as
  the main one for primary monitor. (GH#194)
* Bug-fixes
* Clean-ups
* Updated translations:
  be, bg, ca, da, de, el, es, et, eu, fr, gl, he, id, it, ja, ko, lt,
  nb, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, ru, sl, sq, sr, sv, tr, zh_CN

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