Windows jumping randomly between workspaces?

Rob Landley rob at
Mon Jul 5 05:52:24 CEST 2021

When I upgraded devuan from ascii to beowulf, the new xfce version stopped
respecting "move to another workspace", and chromium windows randomly follow me
to various desktops because some page finished loading the last of its
javascript some seconds after I'd switched away from it or something, and I
notice sometime later that the window's not on the desktop I told it to be on an
I have to go hunt for it. It's really annoying, it didn't happen before the
version upgrade and I'd like it to stop.

Google found an old config setting to work around this bug:

But that config setting isn't available in current xfce settings anymore? Is
there some way I can edit a .config/xfce file to make xfce stop forgetting where
I told it to put the windows?


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