Transition from Bugzilla to GitLab has begun

Simon Steinbeiss simon at
Sat May 23 01:28:04 CEST 2020

Hi everyone,

quick status update:

DONE: www, bindings, thunar-plugins, (97% of) panel-plugins
TODO: apps, xfce

You can see the full status of the migration in a graphical overview here:


PS: If you have received lots of bugmail I'm (not) sorry ;)

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 8:53 PM Simon Steinbeiss <simon at> wrote:

> Good news everyone!
> @devs: Please take the chance and go through open bugreports and close the
> obsolete ones!
> @contributors: Please help us to clean up, so we only move the actually
> necessary issues!
> "We" (the royal "we" aka Romain) have kicked off the transition from
> Bugzilla to GitLab last night! \o/
> The first components we migrated were xfce4-sample-plugin and all
> components in www/
> 1. We will be migrating components in batches, starting with "less
> important" smaller ones and moving on to the really big chunks in the
> "xfce" group (~2000 of the 3000 open bugs).
> 2. We will be switching each component that is migrated to "read only",
> i.e. *no new bugs can be reported on Bugzilla*.
> 3. A comment will be left behind for all people caring about the open
> report with a hyperlink to the migrated GitLab issue (Example:
> 4. As soon as we are completely done with the transition, i.e. all open
> bugs have been moved, comes the big awesomeness: We will run Andre's tool
> and have a static version of Bugzilla - so plain html without having to
> actually keep Bugzilla running. This means all links will continue to work
> and the full history of the Xfce bug archives will remain available for
> future search.
> As the transition is semi-manual (someone needs to trigger the script and
> check if everything went fine) we cannot give you an exact timeline, as it
> depends on our free time. But we will try to get this over with *as soon as
> possible*.
> I will probably continue tonight with Thunar plugins and bindings to
> familiarize myself with the script in action (I actually did port one
> component last night, but it's better to practice ;))
> In other news: we have a basic CI setup now for all components in the
> "xfce" group and for most in the "apps" group.
> Cheers
> Simon
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